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Inspiring the world of work.

Transforming Your Workforce with Judobi: Your Trusted Recruitment Partner

Looking for your next career opportunity or talented candidates to join your team? Judobi is here to be your true recruitment partner. Our mission is to inspire, enable, and transform the world of work for job seekers and employers in Southeast Asia.

Our Services:

Permanent Recruitment: Finding the right fit for your organization is crucial, and our team of dedicated recruitment experts can help you source the ideal candidates tailored to your unique business needs. From department leaders to operational specialists, we have you covered.

Temporary Recruitment: We specialize in sourcing temporary and contract workers for businesses across Asia. Our recruitment team can help you find skilled candidates to support your business operations and overcome any skill gaps.

Shortlistr Projects: Our innovative platform, Shortlistr, lets you view pre-screened and shortlisted candidates for your needs quickly and easily, no matter where you are. With better methods, better value, and better RecTech, you'll have absolute control and no commissions, candidate ownership, or hiring limits.

Our Specialist Recruitment Consultants have extensive experience in:

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Strategy & Operations

  • Technology & Information Services

  • Data & AI

  • Accountancy & Finance

  • Risk & Compliance

Choose Judobi as your recruitment partner and transform your workforce today.

Visit us at to learn more about our shortlisting option.

Our Story

At Judobi, we're more than just a recruitment agency. Our mission is to inspire the world of work by solving the two biggest problems in the industry - finding great talent and a reliable recruitment partner. And we do this with three key priorities - our candidates, our customers, and our people.

As a recruitment partner to corporations across the Asia Pacific region, we have access to a vast pool of potential talent. We offer carefully curated services tailored to meet your needs and can help you find your superstar employee, whether for permanent or contract staffing. We take no commissions, no candidate ownership, and no hiring fees, which means you get better value for your money.

We're a better way to recruit, and our success story proves it. In 2020, during the pandemic, we made our first placement in Singapore's Circuit Breaker. Despite being a bootstrapped business, we've grown steadily and are now expanding our dedicated team. We empower our employees to take charge of their careers and provide a nurturing environment to help them grow professionally.

At Judobi, we believe in innovation and are inspired by Blue Ocean Strategy. Our latest product, Shortlistr, is a testament to that. With Shortlistr, you get a better method of recruitment. We provide you with 12 shortlisted names and a talent market map with 50 more in just four weeks. We also offer better value with no commissions, no candidate ownership, and no hiring limit. And better RecTech with our easy-to-use platform, giving you absolute control 24/7.

Our commitment to finding great talent and being a reliable recruitment partner is what sets us apart. Trust us to be your recruitment partner, and let us inspire the world of work together.

Our Values

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    We take pride in what we do, in both success and failure.

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    We're honest and trustworthy in everything we do.

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    We strive to do what's best for the collective team.

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    Everyone is welcomed, respected, and treated without prejudice of their status, culture, or sexual orientation.

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    We are clear and transparent to ensure productivity and respect.

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    We celebrate success and are confident, but are humble in our approach.

Company Milestones


We are planning to double the size of the team and implement our Employee Incentive Scheme and new Judobi website.

Foundation Year

2021 is considered our Foundation year where we grew the team to 7pax.


We officially launched and received our Employment Agency license from the MOM in March 2020. We worked on our first Shortlistr project in Singapore's Circuit Breaker and won the Vincere Rookie of the Year Award.
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Looking for a company that values your success and happiness? At Judobi, our priorities are clear: helping companies hire the best talent, helping talented individuals find their dream jobs, and improving the lives of our people. We believe in creating a business that empowers every Judobian to achieve their full potential, whether that means professional growth, financial success, improved health and wellness, or a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness. Join us and become part of a team that's dedicated to making a positive impact on the world of work.

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