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Here at Judobi, we help companies hire at a higher level. 

Finding great talent is difficult and finding a great recruitment partner is even more difficult. Judobi was created to solve both of these problems. In everything we do, we have three priorities; Our Candidates, Our Customers and Our Team. 

Judobi was incorporated in late 2019 and launched in Q1 of 2020 where our very first placement was made in the Covid19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore. As we were a bootstrapped Pandemic Baby business, we kept our business lean and mean over 2020. In this year, we were able to test out our newly ideated product called Shortlistr, which was inspired by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne's book Blue Ocean Strategy. 

2021 was our 'foundation' year where we started to make new hires, sign new clients and get all of our policies and procedures in place. Ultimately, we were building our foundation for future growth.

Our Values


We are planning to double the size of the team and implement our Employee Incentive Scheme and new Judobi website.

Foundation Year

2021 is considered our Foundation year where we grew the team to 7pax.


We officially launched and received our Employment Agency license from the MOM in March 2020. We worked on our first Shortlistr project in Singapore's Circuit Breaker and won the Vincere Rookie of the Year Award.
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