7 Interview Sins Interviewers Make (Hiring Manager Series)

7 Interview Sins Interviewers Make (Hiring Manager Series)

Posted on 25 October 2021

Interviewing candidates can be a long and tedious process and it’s easy to make an error. We’ve compiled a list of seven common mistakes interviewers make. Have a look and see if you are guilty of any of them!

Not preparing for the interview

Yes, we know the thought of going through candidates’ resumes can be overwhelming and exhausting, however, we cannot stress the importance of making sure you take time to re-read their CV before the actual interview.

This not only will remind you why they’ve been shortlisted but gives you an opportunity to go into the conversation with relevant questions.

Having no agenda or structure to your interview

On the topic of preparing questions, make sure you also have some sort of agenda going into the interview. Are you just screening this candidate for hard skills or are you at the recruitment stage where you also need to access for culture fit?

Without having a clear structure, interviews can be messy, and you risk not asking important questions or getting clarity on critical information. Having an agenda also helps you stay on time and take advantage of the interview opportunity with the candidate.

Being too quick to judge

Yes, it’s true that it only takes a few seconds for us to make a judgment call on a candidate via their resume. While this is great in the interest of time, try and make sure you’re screening all CVs with an open mind.

Don’t assume anything based on the one or two pages in front of you, and highlight anything on their CV that you may want to explore or ask about during the interview.

Not asking detailed questions about their aspirations

This is a great opportunity to understand more about the candidate and their motivations. Remember, no matter how good you think your job opportunity is for them, they are more likely than not interviewing with multiple organizations.

Reading through their CVs, asking questions that allow them to showcase their skills and experience, and presenting your opportunity in a way that brings value to them are all things that will give you an edge as a prospective employer. You can always follow us on Medium or LinkedIn, so you won’t miss out on any tips from us!

Aggressively grilling the candidates

It’s no secret we’re currently working in a candidate’s market; they know they have options so if you’re too aggressive or overly methodical with the interview process, you may risk putting them off. Even though interviews are technically an opportunity for you to “test” the candidate, don’t forget to build rapport before and after the conversation.

Appearing uninterested or distracted

Along the same vein as above, it’s very important that the interview feels more like a two-way conversation than an interrogation. Yes, the candidate is the one in the hot seat… but so are you! If you appear very interested in the candidate and their aspirations, you’ll come off as a manager who is nurturing and involved… something we know they look for when pursuing new opportunities.

Failing to sell your organization and the opportunity

Hopefully, by now you would have a better idea of what the candidate wants in their next career move. This is a great opportunity to spend a solid 25% of the interview selling the organization and opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to share your personal experiences or that of colleagues in a similar role as the one the candidate is interviewing for, as well as what they can look forward to in this role and as someone working on your team.

At the end of the day, job interviews are tough for both parties, so remember to prepare, keep an open mind, and remember that the candidate has as much a stake in this as you do.

Good luck and remember to follow us on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more tips and tricks!

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