The Perks of Job Hunting with a Recruiter (Job Seeker Series)

The Perks of Job Hunting with a Recruiter (Job Seeker Series)

Posted on 26 September 2022

Entering the job market can be a daunting experience, and no one really prepares you for it. Where do you start? Should you look at the classifieds? Should you set up a profile on LinkedIn? Should you hand out your resume like free candy? The answers are many and varied, and sometimes industry-specific. Here is where a recruiter may be able to steer you in the right direction.

Know your recruiters

First off, you should know the different types of recruitment agencies. While all recruiters are hired and paid by the companies looking for talent, they don’t all operate in the same way or sphere. Retained recruiters are hired to fill executive-level jobs, and are paid regardless of how long they take to fill a position. Contingency recruiters are paid when they hire for a position, and they can be aggressive. Before you contact a recruiter, take a look at the agency and see what kinds of jobs they hire for. Some agencies specialise in contract work, others in finding and placing skilled talent. Like any relationship, you have to be careful when choosing a recruiter. The best ones are honest and forthcoming, and won’t mind you asking questions about their process and success rate. Ask them about their recent hires, or about a specific company you’d like to apply to. The best recruiters have good relationships with hiring managers and are knowledgeable about the companies they’re hiring for. They should be a wealth of information about the company culture, salary and benefits, and the people who work there.

Inside intel

One obvious perk of going through a recruiter is that they have potentially been dealing with the industry for a while, and they are aware of its nuances. A good recruiter will tell you which companies are hiring, what they are looking for and how much they are willing to offer. An external recruiter may also be in a better position to explain the job specifications, as these can sometimes be vague or confusing and most job seekers will hesitate to question them for fear of seeming unknowledgeable.

They are your buffer

A recruiter is your middleman. Particularly if you’re fresh in the game, you may find it helpful to have an adviser. Most job hunters are reluctant to ask for a higher salary or more benefits, but if you really feel it is your due, a recruiter can negotiate for a better remuneration package. A recruiter also takes most of the leg work off your hands. They’ll distribute your resume to companies who are actively hiring, and they’ll do all the scheduling for you. While you are still free to look for a job on your own, a recruiter who specialises in your industry may have several openings for you to consider.

It’s all about building bridges

Recruitment service is non-obligational. You don’t pay a fee, and you are free to end the service at any time. However, it is a service that you should take full advantage of. Bear in mind, though, that not all recruiters are equally dedicated, and it is important to choose the one you are comfortable with. Once you settle on a good, reputable recruiter, they can be a friend throughout your career journey. For example, many first-time job seekers fall victim to their inexperience and end up making a bad first impression during their interview. A good recruiter will tell you what to expect from the interview process and give you tips on how to wow your interviewers. The recruiter will more often than not have a close working relationship with the company, so even if they don’t think you’re a good fit, the company will pass some feedback to your recruiter, who will pass it on to you. That way, you’ll be better prepared for your next application.

They’ll help give your CV a polish

A recruiter’s job is to find a placement for you, and the best way to do that is to up your appeal. They see thousands of CVs, and they know what works and what doesn’t. For this alone, it is worth engaging the help of a recruiter to go through your resume with you and give it a professional makeover. They’ll be able to clear out irrelevant items on your CV and format it to improve its readability. Every gem needs a polish to help it shine.

Don’t limit yourself

Recruiters are only one of many options that you have at your disposal, along with applying directly to the company, and networking. All the same, they’re a great resource to tap into, particularly if you don’t seem to be getting anywhere on your own. At the end of the day, your sole purpose is to find gainful and meaningful employment, and you should explore every avenue. After all, a recruiter could be all the difference between finding employment for a paycheque and finding your dream job.

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